BMW inSIGHT White Halo-Angel Eyes Installation Instructions

Installing Tips:

1) Inspect and test your kit prior to installing. We test every product before it goes out our door. You should be good to go! If any thing is not working, best to contact us before taking your headlights apart.

2) Have a beer waiting for you at the end to celebrate. 

3) Multi-Color Halo Angel Eye RGB Kits: refer to this link for installing this product - click here

Tools Required: Phillips Screw Driver (corner lamps) • Flat Head Screw Driver (optional for headlight cover) • Pliers (handy to have) • Electrical Tape • 10mm Socket or Adjustable Wrench (ground nut, coolant reservoirs, positive battery terminal) • T25 Torx Bit (ECU box cover)

The following steps to installing Kit and removing Headlight Cover:

You can Download "steps to removing your BMW headlight assembly and installing white halo-angel eye rings guide"


1. Open your hood and we'll start routing the wiring harness first. You will only be dealing with three wires (Red, Black & Optional White wire if you want the fading out feature).

2. On the left side at the back of the engine compartment, there is an open area that contains the (Black) grounding and (Red) positive terminals of your Bimmer. This is where you will mount the relay and majority of the wiring. OPTIONAL (White Wire) for fade-in/fade-out effect: The rubber grommet along the inside of the firewall gives access to inner cabin; the (White) wire can be navigated through this into the cabin to your foot area light wiring. Tap your (White) wire to the foot light positive (Brown) wire for fade-in/fade-out.

3. Mount the relay anywhere inside this compartment area and connect the (Black) ground wire to any (unpainted) bolt inside the compartment near the strut mount.

4. Now onto the positive (Red) wire to ECU Box. Continue...

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5. Route the wiring harness for the passenger side angel eyes along with OEM wiring on the left side chassis.

6. Route the wiring for the Driver Side angel eyes through the top just below the air cabin filter behind the engine, along side with OEM wiring, continue past the brake fluid and into the ECU box. Place (Red) wire towards the upper driver right side engine compartment with ECU box.

7. Remove the four (4) T25 Torx screws to remove the cover of the ECU box.

8. Inside ECU box: Using provided hardware Tap the (Red) wire from the relay harness to the (Red/White stripe with Yellow dots) wire in the wiring loom. This will allow your kit to function by turning on or off your ignition.

9. Route the wiring harness for the drivers side angel eyes along with OEM wiring on the right side chassis.

Now, Headlight Lens removal:

10. Using a Phillips head screw driver, place the tip in the hole of the top fender, push down tab inside to release the corner lamp assembly. You'll see the corner lamp move slightly forward. Pull the lamp assembly forward and away and allow to hang freely to the side of the vehicle. Just to get the corner lamp out of the way, check position of bulb harness before disconnecting the wiring harness and twist counter clockwise to disconnect. Checking reassures you to know the correct position in twisting bulb harness back together.

11. Black Rubber Trim: Lift up the five (3 on top and 2 on side) tabs and pull the trim towards you from the headlight.

12. Remove the bottom body trim away from beneath the headlight. Pull towards you from the inside and it's hinged on the outer section near the corner lamp. You can leave hanging out of the way.

13. Clear Headlight Lens removal: With you fingers release the seven (7 black tabs) that hold the lens assembly. Pull with both hands straight towards you to remove the lens.

14. Bezel Trim: Release the seven (7) clips that hold the bezel to the headlight. Pull with both hands straight towards you to remove the bezel. 

15. Using the supplied hardware clear clips, attach two to the rings and mount it to the correct headlight size, level your Halo-Angel Eyes straight (top-bottom and left-right). 

Optional: to make more room you can easily remove the four (4) plastic clips that hold the intake duct assembly in place and remove.

16. Remove the high beam H7 bulb and peel back the rubber insulator.

Note: To disconnect connectors to your kit, De-pin the plastic connector from the Halo-Angel Eye rings by pushing down the exposed metal on the top of the connector and pulling the prong out from the back. 

17. Make sure wires wont be visible from the front. Guide the wires from the rings in the headlight assembly through the opening of where the H7 bulb goes. A small incision may have to be made to allow room for the wires. Pull the wires through with pliers or your fingers. 

18. Connect and click the Relay Harness connectors to the Halo-Angel Eye connectors.

19. To reinstall, do steps in reverse from 16-10 replacing old BMW OEM headlight lenses with your new pair of inSIGHT Front-Directional White LED Headlight Lenses (tuck wiring under bezels). The corner lamps just slide right back in with a click.

20. Crank up your Bimmer and Wholaaa, time to grab that beer!