Subaru BRZ Installation Instructions for Halo-Angel Eyes kit

Installing Tips:

1) Inspect and test your kit prior to installing. We test every product before it goes out our door. You should be good to go! If any thing is not working, best to contact us before taking your headlights apart.

2) Have a beer waiting for you at the end to celebrate.

3) These Multi-Color Kits use an RF (RADIO FREQUENCY) wireless remote, we recommend you place the RF receiver (RGB Control Box) near the front grille so you can stand in front of the car using the remote control. Also Install RF Receiver (RGB Control Box) away from heat of engine. NOTE: These are RGB rings, the white color is mixed with Red + Green + Blue, therefore it is not exact "White" like our single color 7000k white LED Halo-Angel Eye kits.

Tools Required: Phillips Screw Driver • Flat Head Screw Driver • Pliers • Electrical Tape • 10mm Socket or Adjustable Wrench • Oven

The following steps to removing and baking your Subaru BRZ Headlight assembly:

You can Download "Subaru BRZ removing and baking your headlight assembly guide"

1. We need to remove the front bumper, so turn your steering wheel all the way to one side and remove the 3 plastic pop rivets at the lower portion of the fender splash guard.

2. There is another plastic pop rivet located just beside the sidemarker that needs to be removed.

3. The sidemarker itself needs to come out. We suggest tapping the power to the stock side marker lights. Pull the inner fender liner away and poke your screwdriver into one of the holes on the back of the sidemarker and pry.

4. There is a plastic pop rivet located directly above where it was mounted. This fastens the corner of the bumper to the bottom of the fender, so it needs to come out.

5. There are 3 pop rivets centered under the front bumper. Remove them.

6. There are 2 10mm bolts under there as well, one on each side. Remove them too.

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7. 2 more plastic pop rivets attach the bumper to the splash guards at each corner of the car. All 4 need to be removed.

8. Now up top there are 5 10mm bolts and about 2 more pop rivets. Once you remove those, the entire flat metal bar that holds the top of the bumper on will lift off.

9. To remove the bumper, firmly pull out on each corner and it will pop off.

10. A 10mm bolt and another plastic pop rivet on the top of each headlight bracket needs to come off.

11. There are 2 more 10mm bolts on the side of each headlight that needs removed.

12. Remove the single 10mm bolt underneath each headlight with your socket extension.

13. The black headlight bezel easily pulls off and let the bezel hang since it has wires attached to it.

14. Remove the headlight by prying the top clip up with your finger and the housing will lift right out.

15. Remove the bulbs, wiring, 3 screws around each high-beam bulb, rubber bulb grommets (the lowbeam one will just pull out) and the 6 silver screws around the perimeter of the housing.

16. Bake each headlight in the oven at 225 degrees for 15 minutes. You can actually remove the lights by hand afterwards, although they were pretty hot.

17. Starting at the pointed inside part of the lens, insert large flat-tipped screwdrivers into the gap between the lens and the house and slowly twisted. This will open up about a 1/2" gap, and then pull the two halves apart by hand. Use a utility knife to cut through the stringy sealant. NOTE: Be careful not to get any of this nasty stuff on the chrome reflector or the clear headlight lens.

18. Install your Subaru BRZ LED Halo-Angel Eyes into Headlamps. Routing all wires out the rear of the headlamps.

19. Position the clear lens back onto the housing, then bake again in the oven for no more than 15 minutes at 225 degrees to soften the sealant. The Subaru BRZ LED halo-Angel Eyes will be OK to heat.

20. Once the sealant is soft you can push the halves back together and tighten the six screws on the back, clamp with vise grips for 15 minutes to achieve a watertight seal!

21. To re-install your Subaru BRZ headlight assembly, do everything from 15-1 in reverse order. Connect your Halo-Angel Eyes tapping the red power wire to the stock side marker lights and black ground wire to any bolted component for ground. Last, crack open that Beer!