UUC Under Drive Pulley kit Instructions

UUC’s Ultimate Underdrive Pulley kit comes with a replacement pulley for the water pump and the power steering pump. It comes with two aircraft quality machined pulleys anodized in silver or black, along with a replacement belt. The built quality of the kit is excellent, with flawless machining on the pulleys and a beautiful design. We optioned for the black anodized pulley set to blend into the engine surround.

Installation of the kit is about as simple as turning a few wrenches, especially on cars that does not come with a mechanical cooling fan. On models that come with the mechanical fan, you will need the fan clutch removal tool (a long, 32mm/36mm wrench). Other than that there isn’t really any special tools required to do this job. The bolts that hold down the water pump pulley are 10mm bolt, and the bolts that hold down the power steering pump pulley are 13mm. There are some simple rivets and screws you will need to remove if you intend to remove the electrical fan, to allow you additional access to the pulleys, and you will need a 16mm socket/wrench to turn the AC belt tensioner and a T50 Torx bit to turn the accessory belt tensioner.

Installation is as simple as remove belt, remove pulley, install new pulley, and install new belt. Entire procedure takes about 1 hour for a shady tree mechanic, including jacking up the car and all the prep work. UUC includes a detailed instruction set with pictures and easy to follow steps, which takes all the guesswork out of a DIY project.